Rubber Fillet

Standard Features

Rubber Fillet

We have been effectively producing, sending out and providing a wide range of Rubber Fillet. Rollers, Rubber Grips throughout the previous 25 years from India. KEW manufacturers, send out and supplies Paper Core Cutter Machine with high generation. Emery, Small Round Pimple, Big Round Pimple, Synthetic, Fine Emery surface White, Rough Emery Surface. Small Round Pimple Imported Brown, Synthetic PU Square Pimple Imported Transparent, Synthetic Plain. Synthetic Fine Emery Imported, Special Type Find Finish Smooth Finish Plain Imported. A lot more kinds of Rubber Filets with Industry Specific. We are managing Rubber Fillets for various sorts of Industry Specific Applications.

Krishna Engineering Works we have been successfully manufacturing, exporting & supplying all types of rubber fillet, rubber rollers, rubber grips. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are winner of 3 times national award and 2 times international award for quality manufacturing. Krishna engineering works is a company engaged in manufacturing, exporting & supplying rubber fillet with round, emery types and many more. We are manufacture of following types of rubber fillets like, synthetic type, natural type, square special off white type, superior T type, emery special grey type, synthetic grey type, synthetic (semi-transparent) type, square special (dark grey) type, Japan special type, square (brown) type, emery special (green) type, synthetic (semi-transparent) type, simple type, square special (new green) type, plain type 2, KEW SPPU blue type, cork type (self adhesive type) and many more.

Roller Covering Rubber fillet for Different Industries:

  • Woven Sack Industry Application.
  • Textile Industry Application.
  • Packaging Industry Application.
  • Paper Industry Application.
  • Technical Textile Industry Application.
  • Tyre Cord Industry Application.

Technical Specification


  • Synthetic Type Rubber Fillet
  • Natural Type
  • Square Special off White Type
  • Superior Type
  • Emery Special Grey Type
  • Synthetic Grey Type
  • Synthetic (Semi-Transparent)Type
  • Square Special (Dark Grey) Type
  • Japan Special Type Fillet
  • Square Type (Brown) Type
  • Emery Special (Green) Type
  • Synthetic (Semi-Transparent) Type
  • Simple Type Type Fillet
  • Square Special (New Green) Type
  • Plain Type Fillet
  • KEW SPPU Blue Type
  • Cork Type (Self Adhesive Type)